Wills and Inheritances in Spain

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It is very important for all who have assets outside their countries to devote some time and analysis on what possibilities they have when making a will.

It must be taken into account that for those who reside in Spain, there is legislation that may apply which limits the possibilities of deciding to which people you can deliver your property or goods in inheritance. It is called ‘Legítima’ and will preserve some rights for progeny, for ascendants in the absence of the first and for widowed spouse.

Therefore, it is essential that related to the country where you reside or in that of nationality a study is carried out of what possibilities exist in relation to the law of that country and what right of which country you are interested in submitting. Always under the possibilities the applicable legislation offers. The right time to be able to do it is at the time of making the will in relation to the assets and circumstances that exist in the present or may exist in the future. Any absence of will shall lay your decision under the legislation for intestate situations. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make a will after a thorough analysis of this relevant matter.