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Spain is home to a diverse and dynamic legal market, with a wide range of solicitor firms offering a variety of legal services to individuals and businesses.

Our solicitors´ firm, Rivera Lawyers, is located in Seville, Spain, although, due to our expertise and knowledge of Spanish and international law Rivera Lawyers in Spain, serve a wide range of clients, both domestic and international.

Rivera Lawyers in Spain are experienced and highly trained lawyers who are knowledgeable in both Spanish and international law. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, we are keen to offer legal assistance on a wide range of legal matters, providing our clients with practical and effective solutions to complex legal issues, whether they are looking to draft contracts, negotiate deals, or resolve disputes.

Firma Rafael Garcia Rivera Rivera Abogados

Rafael García Rivera

Rivera Lawyers in Spain offer a broad range of legal services, including commercial law, employment law, real estate law, tax law, intellectual property law, and litigation. We are used to assist individuals and businesses with a wide variety of legal matters, from drafting contracts and negotiating deals to resolving disputes and litigating complex cases.

Our law professionals play a vital role in the legal system and will provide invaluable support. Whether you may be individuals or businesses, Rivera Lawyers in Spain, will accompany you in navigating the complexities of the legal landscape and achieving their desired outcomes.